2nd Annual

Gratitude & Appreciation
Summits International

October 1-2, 2021

[Virtual Event]

Join us in Bringing Back the Human Connection in Business, Community and Yourself.

Does technology interfere with your connections with people?

Do you wish to make an impact in your life?

Do you need a new pathway in your life and business?

FREE Gratitude & Appreciation Workshop Series

This session, we are featuring: Chief Kindness Engineer, Randy McNeely

Learn how to show kindness to self, to others and enjoy holistic success as many get ready for a new school year. Lessons learned this past year and a half have taught the world many things.

Thankful and grateful for the lessons I've learned and those I will learn in the future. All helping me be a better me

I am grateful for all of you here today and for making this time for myself today, instead of just being "busy" today

Thank you so much to everyone!  This has been a great day! Thank you, Kathy! Wonderful idea! Fantastic day! Thank you to all the speakers!

Wow, I am so impressed. My heart is wide open. Thank you

Positive thoughts are great, positive actions are better. LOVE IT!

Awesome Day and so many inspirational speakers

Bringing Back Human Connection in Business

In a world of a chaotic communication, we need to make a change and bring the human connection back into our lives. As we move faster and faster in business and life, the necessity to make authentic connection with one another is more vital now than ever both virtually and in person. Through the act of Gratitude and Appreciation, this world may become a better place one person at a time.

And the ripple has been sent to the World... with a bunch of G.A.S.

Thank you to everyone who attended the World's First Gratitude Appreciation Summit

A special thank you to our speakers, our sponsors, our event planners, our media technician, website host/design, and news & print media!

Welcoming more international speakers to our virtual stage.

Panel discussions about G.S. w/ teams.

Workshops to shift your life & business.

Why Attend the Gratitude & Appreciation Summits International?

Do you act on your promptings on a daily basis?

Do you share and own gratitude on a daily basis?

Do you feel over worked and not giving enough time to yourself?


Do you wish for more kindness and caring in our world?

Do you need to brush up on your gratitude and appreciation with others skills?

Do you feel forgotten?

Registration May Include:

Speakers from around the world

Opportunities to Appreciate and give back to Community

Connect with others from around the globe

Valuable information

Bring your own coffee and snacks as you won't want to leave your computer!

You're going to have a G.A.S. and so much more!

Location & Date

JOIN US ON OCTOBER 1-2, 2021! [Virtual Event]

Join us online for the Gratitude and Appreciation Summit International Event on October 1-2, 2021. There will be many speakers speaking on Gratitude and Appreciation!


Our co founders Kathy Fester and Jeanette Martin will speak of their vision and how they will share the Gratitude and Appreciation Summits International around the World.


October 1st, 2021

Harnessing the Power of Gratitude in the Workplace

What is your business like without Gratitude and Appreciation (G.A.)? Overwhelming, too busy, not seeing the doors opening, lacking opportunities for growth, always in ‘catchup’ mode?

Attend this event to help you find answers to build up your bottom line in business and life. Through the intentional act of daily Gratitude and Appreciation we can create a healthy, kind, less stressed environment in our workplace with our boss, employees, and clients/customers.

Join the movement to learn how to appreciate what we have to share with one another as we rebuild and continue to develop KINDNESS in the workplace and life.

October 2nd, 2021

Intentional Gratitude and Appreciation in the 21st Century & Beyond!

What is your life like when you don’t have Gratitude and Appreciation in your life? Negativity, chaos, mental health fades, stress, anxiety, hopelessness?

Attend this event on Saturday and hear from parents raising children with a foundation of G.A. and the unique TEEN Panel that are building long lasting relationship with each other and community using G.A. This day will help you find answers to these dilemmas through Intentional Gratitude and Appreciation activities and discussions in your personal life (family, friends and yourself). Join the movement and learn through kindness and intentional activity on a daily basis, we will make this world a KINDER place to LIVE.