Gratitude & Appreciation


October 3rd, 2020

Bringing Back Human Connection in Business

In a world of a chaotic communication, we need to make a change and bring the human connection back into our lives. As we move faster and faster in business and life, the necessity to make authentic connection with one another is more vital now than ever both virtually and in person. Through the act of Gratitude and Appreciation, this world may become a better one person at a time.


Why Attend the Gratitude & Appreciation Summits?

Does technology interfere with your connections with people?

Do you act on your promptings on a daily basis?

Do you share and own gratitude on a daily basis?

Do you feel over worked and not giving enough time to yourself?

Do you wish to make an impact in your life?


Do you need a new pathway in your life and business?

Do you wish for more kindness and caring in our world?

Do you need to brush up on your gratitude and appreciation with others skills?

Do you feel forgotten?

Do you define success with dollars or sense?

Registration Includes

Speakers from around the world

Opportunities to Appreciate and give back to Community

Virtually connect and chat with others from around the globe

Valuable information

Opportunities to purchase tickets for the all-day summit on October 3rd, 2020

Bring your own coffee and snacks as you won't want to leave your computer!

This is a FREE sneak peak

You're going to have a G.A.S. and so much more!

Location & Date

October 3rd, 2020

Join us for the World's First Gratitude and Appreciation Summits. Angus Reid, former CFL player & two time Grey Cup Champion, our local Keynote Speaker will be talking about his career and will be sharing his book 'Thank you Coach'. There will be other speakers in the 2 hour event speaking on Gratitude and Appreciation as well.


Our co founders Kathy Fester and Jeanette Martin will be speaking of their vision and how they will be sharing the Gratitude and Appreciation Summits around the World.


A Few Speakers

Angus Reid

Angus Reid is somebody who found a way to make his dream a reality. He recently retired from professional football after playing 13 years for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League.

Cheryl Bishop

Cheryl Bishop is a heart-centered speaker, trainer and author. She is the founder of Resilient Women In Business. She facilitates mastermind groups and monthly networking events in 4 cities.

Kody Bateman

Kody is the founder and CEO of an international relationship marketing company that utilizes the network marketing business model.

Barb Wallick

Barb Wallick has not only 35 years of working as a Personal Financial Planner but is also a Master Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach , Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner®,Master Hypnotherapist & Tapping Into Wealth Coach. Barb also loves getting into the Spiritual & Energetics of life and facilitates an amazing Moving Therapy called Chakradance.

Khloe Thompson

Khloe Thompson is a young girl with a heart of gold. Her name is spelled with a “K” not a “C”. She was 8 years old, when she noticed an issue with homelessness in her community. Seeing women living on the street made Khloe feel sad. She instantly wanted to do something to help. Khloe dedicates herself to serving others and to giving back to her community.

Adrian Starks

Adrian Starks is an international speaker, author, coach and the founder/CEO of Champion UP®. He shares the champion movement with 16 years in the human development and achievement field, while earning a B.S. degree in Exercise Science. To overcome difficult obstacles, Adrian discovered that to start winning in life, changes had to occur with a set system in place to help condition habits and behaviours for lasting change.

Make the World a Better Place Through Gratitude and Appreciation

Register for the World's First Gratitude & Appreciation Summit on October 3rd, 2020