Kathy Fester

Founder and Chairperson - CGO (Chief Gratitude Officer) of K.I.T. Communications with SendOutCards

Kathy helps businesses of all kinds harness the power of relationship marketing by guiding them in creating a genuine human connection using gratitude. She gives presentations on relationship marketing and gratitude to businesses and networking groups of all sizes. She is known for her genuine and authentic delivery of the topic and her friendly presentation style.

As CGO (Chief Gratitude Officer) of K.I.T. Communications with SendOutCards, Kathy Fester helps people navigate life through gratitude. She does this with a smile and by practicing what she preaches.

Kathy is also a master teacher of over 30 years and has taught Kindergarten to Grade 12. She is passionate about Fine Arts Education and has had several leadership roles and speaking engagements across Canada to advocate for the rights and need for stability for music and fine arts education. Through her many presentations across Canada, she has spread the need for authentic educational practice for the 21st century in music education and now ties in her business within her educational structure to teach authentic creative learning through the arts.