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Sponsorship and Gratitude

We are looking for sponsors and donors that fit our purpose and vision. We are currently accepting sponsorship levels and needs-based sponsorship.

Bringing people together in a common space to share ideas, skills and tools/resources at an authentic level of gratitude and appreciation with business, one another and self – to ‘L.I.F.T.’ one another up by attending G.A.S.

Sponsorship Needs

Get in on the ground level of this exciting and rapidly growing movement.

With sponsoring a specific need of this event, you will be both recognized for your contribution and also fulfilling a specific need.  We are currently seeking help with:

  • AV
  • Food
  • Printing
  • DJ
  • Video
  • Furniture
  • Keynote Speakers

Become a Sponsor

Contribute to this exciting and rapidly growing movement via sponsorship levels.

Make the World a Better Place Through Gratitude and Appreciation

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