Cheryl Bishop

Resilient Women in Business

CHERYL BISHOP is a heart-centered speaker, trainer and author. She is the founder of Resilient Women In Business. She facilitates mastermind groups and monthly networking events in 4 cities.

She has been a huge support in creating momentum and growing a business Academy’s reputation and following for 10 years.

Cheryl was in the banking industry for 16 years. She also had a Skincare and Fitness business where she appeared in local media and she was also involved in the direct selling industry for 14 years. She is devoted and passionate about helping people achieve more in life and in business, empowering them to do more than they ever thought possible.

She has spoken on stages like: Mompreneur Canada, Toronto Entrepreneur Conference, Froc-alicious by Design, Calgary Residential Rental Association, Canadian Mortgage Broker of B.C., Holistic Chamber of Commerce, and many more.

You will often hear Cheryl say, “Your Birthright is to BE Successful!”

Speaker for Gratitude
Title: Do things happen FOR you or do things happen to you?
Description: Often life happens, good or bad, we have a choice to allow things to take us down or allow things to make us stronger and become who we are meant to be.
I am a believer that things do happen for a reason.
I have a story of how something happened to me and in the end it happened for me… I am grateful it happened and send a gratitude card