Adrian Starks

Speaker and Founder of Champion Up®️

Adrian Starks is an international speaker, author, coach and the founder/CEO of Champion UP®. He shares the champion movement with 16 years in the human development and achievement field, while earning a B.S. degree in Exercise Science. To overcome difficult obstacles, Adrian discovered that to start winning in life, changes had to occur with a set system in place to help condition habits and behaviours for lasting change.

His mission is to help individuals search, believe, condition and act upon their winning potential. Adrian has spoken to audiences of all types and sizes enabling them to learn and act upon this revolutionary system designed for winning. Adrian is a powerful storyteller, inspirational speaker, coach and facilitator that has everyone believing they can become a champion, overcome any challenge and win for good.

Speaker for Gratitude
Title: Changing Your Mindset From Worry to Gratitude: The New Attitude
Description: Topic of talk is on Gratitude.

We are living in a time of accelerated change and there are unnecessary stresses that come along with those changes. Everywhere we turn there is the fear of not having enough and the fear of losing something whether that be a job, a relationship, our finances, or health or even worse our life. We simply have a stress level that has risen to new heights. This contributes to undetected bouts of depression that sneak up into our conversations and how we see ourselves in a world driven by worry and fear. We stop seeing love and opportunity. We get normalized into being ungrateful. This clouds our ability to enjoy the moment called “now” and to actually acknowledge and experience what is going right in our world and in our personal lives. It is the shift of the mindset to gratitude that allows us to be our own courageous creators of change. We change how we choose to see our world and not let the world dictate how we see ourselves. When we initiate the mindset change to gratitude the doors to better jobs, better relationships, better finances and health seem to open effortlessly and abundantly.