Here is the schedule for the virtual
Gratitude & Appreciation Summit:

10:00 AMWelcome to G.A.S.  Emceed by Laura Takasaki, Imagine That Events

10:05AMIndigenous Blessing by Karen Moraes.  Learn how the power of positive thoughts has inspired Karen to share inclusivity

10:10AMMeet Kathy Fester & Jeanette Martin, the co-founders and visionaries of the Gratitude & Appreciation Summit.  Learn what inspired them to bring this community together and the story of G.A.S.

Jeanette Martin will share The Science Behind the Words Thank-You

The Importance of Human Connection in Business, Life and One Self will be shared by Kathy Fester.  Kathy will interview special guest Darla DiGrandi, on the Mastering of the Art of Human Connection

10:40AMMeet 13-Year-old Influencer, Khloe Thompson.  She dedicated herself to serving others and to giving back to her community. “No matter how old you are, you can make a difference.”

11:00AM“Your Birthright IS to BE Successful.” with Cheryl Bishop, founder of Resilient Women in Business.  Cheryl is heart-centered speaker, trainer, and author. Often life happens, good or bad, we have a choice to allow things to take us down or allow things to make us stronger and become who we are meant to be.
I am a believer that things do happen for a reason.


11:45AMChanging Your Mindset from Worry to Gratitude: The New Attitude with Adrian Starks, speaker, author, coach and founder/CEO of Champion Up. His mission is to help individuals search, believe, condition, and act upon their winning potential.  Adrian will talk about change how we choose to see our world and not let the world dictate how we see ourselves. When we initiate the mindset change to gratitude the doors to better jobs, better relationships, better finances and health seem to open effortlessly and abundantly.

12:20PMRCMP Thank You! with Constable Rick O’Brien.  Learn how Rick’s journey has given him an appreciation for his job and it inspired him to help his community.

12:30PMAppreciating your Superheroes interview with 14-year-old local author, Nathan McTaggart.  Super heroes are his inspirations. Heroes to Nathan are people who have helped make a difference in his eyes. From his family to first responders to Santa Claus.

12:50PM – 15 MIN BREAK – grab a bite to eat, and door prizes to be given out!

1:20PMThank You Coach with athlete, author, speaker Angus Reid.  Hear how Angus’s BC Lions football coach, Dan motivated and encouraged him in his career. “Every day is a holiday, every meal is a banquet and every person is my teacher. We are the lucky ones. Be thankful! Be grateful! Always!"

2:00PMCollaboration and Gratitude, with speaker, author, entrepreneur Charmaine Hammond from Raise A Dream In this powerful and interactive presentation, Charmaine shares the process of how collaborating with others creates a cycle of reciprocity for appreciation and doing good in the world. You will learn how you can create change one conversation, one collaboration and one appreciation at a time.

2:30PM – 5 MIN BREAK - Take a stretch and grab some water.

2:35PM - Appreciate Your Way to Wealth & Prosperity with Wealth Expert & Mindset Coach Barbara Wallick, founder of Crack the Money Code, Barb will guide the attendees into changing their inner story about money through appreciation. Once our inner self worth increases so will our outer net worth.  Wealth and Prosperity is more than Money. Money is a reflection of how we think and feel about ourselves. Change that and our financial status improves as well as our confidence level attracting more of what we desire in life.

3:05PMBe Magnetic! How to Confidently Draw in YOUR Wants with Appreciation!
with award winning coach, speaker and CEO of Dynamic Women, Diane Rolston.  Have you ever felt a magnetic pull towards someone? They feel like a living magnet: drawing in their desires, people, and countless opportunities. Does this sound like something you want to have or have more of? Yes! Then this is the Keynote you’ll want to hear.

3:35PMYou Got Skills, A No BS Talk with Brad Lovell & Julie Turner from Voice America.  BS Talk is a forum for conversation & perspective about relationship, career and health. Brad & Julie started Know BS Talk simply out of a conversation topic on a walk one day. The consensus between them was that there were SO many people that weren’t able to engage with anything ‘wellness’ be it mental, physical or spiritual. Brad’s experience from watching the positivity of performing comedy and music for 18 years fit very well with Julie’s insights from her many years as a life coach, nutritionist & clinical hypnotherapist. They decided to launch the forum aimed at positively affecting as many as possible to have a better human experience.

4:05PM – Q&A with guest speaker and Kathy and Jeanette - Open

4:20PMAnd that’s a wrap, door prize draw and last words of gratitude from

Co-Founders Kathy Fester & Jeanette Martin